Until October 11, 2020 Kunsthaus Zürich

The 1920s were a decade of both progression and backlash. A catastrophic world war followed by a pandemic with remarkable parallels to the current corona crisis awakened people’s thirst for life. At no time in the 20th century was the desire for change more intense.

Urban visions were created and cities grew at breakneck speed. Conventional role models in society and marriage were questioned and upended; disadvantaged and oppressed minorities made their voices heard in politics and culture. Improved conditions for workers went hand in hand with a growing leisure industry. The spirit of innovation fed through directly into art, with experimentation in all disciplines. Remarkably, none of its products have lost any of their relevance.

Unlike many exhibitions devoted to the 1920s, this presentation does not examine movements such as Bauhaus, Dada, New Objectivity or the design and architecture icons of modernism in isolation, but instead places them in dialogue, shedding light on the stylistic heterogeneity typical of those transformative years.