Photo contest «My Moscow»

Dear friends!

From October 11th till November 13th you could post your photos in Instagram or/and Facebook, the photo should be decicated to Moscow, taged with #mymoscow and @russian_club_in_switzerland. You had now boarders in terms of the photo genre, creativity, number of photos and posts presented.

Now it’s time to name the winner of the on-line photo contest «My Moscow» held as s part of The Second Russian-Swiss Festival «Druzhba»!

The main prize, flight Moscow-Zurich-Moscow and sightseeing tour around Zurich, goes to … @alina_rov, our subscriber in Instagram! Congratulations!

Also the organising commitee of the photo contest decided to award a special prize for creativity and the most active participation to our Instagram subscriber @semev! As a special prize we offer 2 nights at B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa in Zurich! Congratulations!






Фонтан на Площади Европы


You will never believe until you see the photos!